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Grocery shopping during COVID times were really hard for me as I reside in a red-zoned area, where people outside the red-zoned area are restricted to enter. Hence, none of the grocery applications delivered goods to my area. This frustrated me a lot ūüė† as I have to wait in a long queue to get my basic groceries. That's when I felt the need for a contactless grocery delivery application which was not available at that time. I also wanted to know if other people felt the same as well. That's how I decided to work on this project!

My Role

UX Research | UI Design


3 weeks




1. Crowded supermarkets, led to massive spreading of disease

2. No delivery of groceries to red-zoned areas

How might we deliver groceries to people in red-zoned areas without risking their lives?


Providing scheduled in-person pickups and contactless delivery of groceries at the nearest supermarket lockers and providing

Solution #1 Scheduled In-Person Pickups

Simple scheduling process for grocery pickups that helps users to avoid crowds

Solution #2 Contactless Pickup

A QR code is generated for every order and groceries can be picked up from the lockers by scanning the QR code without human intervention

User Research

First of all, I wanted to understand users' opinion on grocery purchase during COVID times. A survey was conducted with 15 participants. Participants were chosen from red-zoned areas in Tamil Nadu.

5 participants were chosen for user interviews and their grocery purchase process was observed

Quantitative Research Insights

Qualitative Research Insights

Users' Common Feedback


Persona was created with insights gathered from the user research. Since most of the users were above 30 and their goals and pain points were similar, they were put under a persona group.

User Journey Map

Users were sharing their bad experiences with their previous grocery purchasing apps. Most people got frustrated when they got to know that their area is not eligible for delivery only after checking out. This annoyed them as it wasted their time.

User Flow


High-Fidelity Design


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